Mitski's Retired From Sad, New Career in Business was the start of our creative relationship. This record was probably 70% recorded by my friend, the talented engineer Trevor Fedele who had to leave the project midway through due to personal conflicts. I came in as engineer and co-producer with Mitski and the rest is history.

The raw beauty of this record speaks for itself, I won't commentate too much. Suffice it to say that I, like anyone with ears, knew immediately that these songs were special and important pieces of music reaching a scope and a height only hinted at by her first album, Lush. I was super excited and nervous like a little kid when brought on and I was incredibly honored when I was then then kept on to mix and master. To this day the out-of-tune delays and double bass playing way above its comfort range on "Circle" are some of my proudest moments. This is a very special record, I still can't really believe that I got to work on it and it lead to making Bury Me at Make Out Creek. I'm a lucky guy.

Produced by Mitski and Patrick Hyland

Recorded by Trevor Fedele and Patrick Hyland

Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Hyland (with special mastering thanks and spiritual guidance from the unbelievable Silas Brown at Legacy Sound)